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Consumer Advice on Selecting a Pest Controller
Selecting a professional pest controller to provide a safe and effective service can be a daunting task. Your enquiries should focus on whether the business is a solid company in case a problem arises in the future, the level of expertise, insurance cover, any warranties applicable and the safety aspects employed.
Obtain several quotes and check out each of the companies. First enquire as to how long the business has been established. Do they have a good reputation in the market-place. Are they a member of a recognised Pest Control Association?
Ask questions about termites and the different treatment options the company employs, the chemicals used, their toxicity and safety aspects. Compare notes on the methods of each company. Which company seems the more professional?
Make sure the company carries professional indemnity and public liability insurance for their termite control services and inspection reports.
Be present during the termite inspection. Study the general presentation of the inspector - was the inspector in company uniform - proper identification - did he/she arrive in a tidy motor vehicle - use quality equipment - including a moisture meter - was a thorough inspection carried out - were you presented with informative documentation regarding the inspection findings and treatment proposals - did he/she adequately explain the alternatives so you are confident he/she knew his/her subject matter? - any other aspects to indicate professionalism or otherwise? Make notes and comparisons.
Enquire as to the qualifications and experience of the termite inspector. Does he/she have a current pest control license (not a trainee permit). You should cite his/her State Government issued pest control license, noting name, number and expiry date.
Enquire as to whether the company uses employees or sub-contractors. Be wary of companies with sub-contractors as problems often occur in the market place where sub-contractors are obliged to pay for the supply of chemical and other costs but do not assume responsibility if the service proves to be inadequate at a later date.
Ask about any applicable back-up service period. For example, a company may provide you with a twelve month "FREE service period" for a chemical soil barrier treatment where the termite controller is confident a complete barrier is in place around the entire foot-print or perimeter of the building. This annual service period may be extended annually thereafter (at the customers option) provided necessary regular inspections and other essential control measures are carried out as recommended.
Be wary of companies offering a 10 or 20 year warranty as this commits you for that period, so you have to obtain (pay for) regular inspections and other work whether or not you want it. Such a long term warranties are often unrealistic and unreliable.
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