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Pest Control - Termites - Links and Resources

Useful links - Australia - Pest Control related websites

ACT Govt - Dept of Environment - pest control chemicals - health, safety and the environment - safe handling of pesticides and their use.
ACT Govt - Dept of Environment - Termites in the Canberra Region.
Australian Govt - Dept of Health and Ageing - termite protection - available treatment and hazard information about termiticides - how buildings can be protected against termites - physical barriers - chemical barriers - termite baits - treatment of infestations.
Bayer Premise Termite Elimination - brochure - Premise termite control product.
CHOICE Magazine - Oct 2005 - 5 page article on termites - consumer protection advice - selecting a professional pest control company - Australian termite control methods - chemical soil treatments - termite baiting - physical barriers - industry Associations.
CSIRO Australia - about termites and wood borers in Australia - includes advice on the control, treatment and prevention of termite infestations in buildings.

Food Safety Information Council - includes representatives of state and local  government and food safety agencies, the food industry, community groups and professional associations .

Kordon - Physical Termite Barrier - product installation manual - Kordon termite barrier - manufactured by Bayer - used by Builders - installed during construction.

National Association of Forest Industries, Australia - revised 2004) - Protecting Buildings from Subterranean Termites - introduction - termite colony - distribution of termites in Australia - building legislation - AS 3660 - protection against termite infestation - suspended timber floors - ant caps - termite resistant timbers - physical termite barriers during construction - options for managing termite risk - inspection and maintenance recommendations.
NSW Govt - Dept of Fair Trading - Booklet - Protect Your Home from Termites - booklet on termite control and protection - options for the homeowner.
NSW Govt - Environment Protection Agency - Industry guidelines - Pesticide Record Keeping fact sheets for pest controllers.
NSW Govt - Environment Protection Agency - Industry guidelines - Pesticide Record Keeping fact sheets for property managers.
VIC Govt - Dept of Health - Pest control treatments and your health - Government control on safe use of pesticides - precautions for the use of pesticides in the home.

Useful links - USA - Canada - Pest Control related websites

University of Nebraska - For a series of articles and photo gallery - highly recommended - links to 14 excellent articles and photo gallery compiled by research staff at University of Nebraska - excellent section on termite baits vs chemical soil barriers.
Florida Dept of Consumer Services - Termite Protection of Buildings Advice - handy tips on what can a home-owner can do to protect against termites.
University of California - Pest Management Guidelines - termites - identification, biology and prevention using chemical soil barriers and termite colony baiting systems.
University of Florida - Subterranean Termites & their control - excellent pictures of termites and information on termite life cycle, biology and termite control measures.
University of Kentucky - Answers on Termite Control for the Home-Owner - explore a list of answers to common questions home-owners ask about termites and termite control from the termite research group of the University of Kentucky.
University of Toronto - Termites and Termite Control Methods - a large reference site on termites, their biology and available control methods - ideal for students, researchers and home-owners seeking detailed information.
US Environmental Protection Agency - Citizen's Guide to Pest Control and Pesticide Safety - information on pest control and pesticide safety. - email

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