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APCA Members are
required to possess
Control Certificate
and extensive field
work experience in
the pest control
service industry
About the APCA Pest Control Certificate Course

APCA Pest Control Certificate course has been designed by experts from the ground up. The course focuses on the knowledge and skills required to best provide the consumer with safe and effective solutions to a full range of pest problems commonly occurring in the urban environment.
Course Content: You'll learn about a multitude of urban pests in detail, the various species, their biology, where they commonly occur inside and around domestic and commercial premises, termite baiting and preventative methods, a full and intensive review of the Australian Standards for termite control and inspection reporting, the safer pesticides, physical and non-chemical pest control methods, the range of equipment options and other topics that will provide essential knowledge and skills to be a successful professional pest controller. Click here for details.
Duration: 2 weeks full-time including classroom, practical assignments and exam. The course is held in two parts, each of 1 week duration over two months.
Where: The course is held in Burwood 2134 at a state of the art training facility, utilising Power Point orientated teaching methods.
CLICK HERE to go to the Pest Control Course Application and complete the online form.
We shall thereafter advise you of the dates of future available courses to be held.
Work experience:  If you want to commence a career in pest control we suggest you get some valuable experience with a pest control company during the busy summer season.
Classes sizes: limited to 20 people- First Come, First Enrolled basis.
Course materials: Once enrolled you will receive extensive notes and complete course outline. Training involves classroom lectures, assignments, periodic tests and assessment. At the end of each week an assessment of results is conducted, and personal review counseling takes place to highlight areas were your knowledge and skills may require improvement.
Practical component: Students also receive practical training of a variety of pest control service applications.       
The cost of the 2 week course is $2,790 inc GST. If an applicant fails the course they may repeat the particular assessment, at no charge. Students may be eligible for the Federal Government training assistance if you are 25 years of age and do not have a Cert II trade qualification or higher. Contact CentreLink for further information.
NSW EPA Pest Control Licence: The APCA Pest Control Certificate is sufficient to obtain a NSW Govt EPA Pest Control licence, enabling the person to start up and operate a pest control business in New South Wales.
For further enquiries - Phone APCA 1300 660 200
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